Youtube Revanced

YouTube ReVanced MOD APK is a modified version that includes stunning features such as Background Playback, Ad-Free content, SponsorBlock, Return YouTube Dislike, and others. It continues the legacy of what Vanced left behind- fully open source and free of cost.

*APK is compiled by NoName-exe

While we’ll always appreciate the stoner-friendly design of YouTube Vanced, its period has ended. Nonetheless, numerous compelling druthers are available that give analogous, if not better, stoner gests. One similar promising successor is YouTube ReVanced APK, the sanctioned cover. Although still in its early phase, this app retains crucial features of YouTube Vanced and introduces new advancements, recognizing the Vanced heritage. This companion will acquaint you with everything you need about the YouTube¬†ReVanced¬†App.

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What is Revanced APK?

YouTube ReVanced is a complimentary, knitter-made YouTube customer, stepping in as a successor to the now- unapproachable YouTube Vanced. It brings similar features and new functionalities, including ReVanced Music, which offers individualized music streaming akin to YouTube Music Premium. Presently, ReVanced is in its initial phase and does not come as an APK; instead, it’s offered as a builder for druggies to develop their apps.

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ReVanced is the revolutionary successor to YouTube Vanced, boasting a wealth of new features compared to its predecessor. This includes data conservation, swipe controls, display zooming to fit your device, and much more.

Dark Mode

The Dark Mode feature, ideal for low-light conditions, eases eye strain, enhances energy efficiency on OLED or AMOLED screens, and adds a stylish touch to the user interface.

Pinch to Zoom

The ‘Pinch to Zoom’ feature lets users adjust their screen view for closer content examination, particularly useful for smaller screens, enhancing the overall video experience.


Themes give stoners customizable interface options, reflecting their aesthetic preferences and enhancing the overall engagement and personalization of the platform.

Picture in Picture Mode

Its supports multitasking with Picture in Picture mode, enabling users to watch videos while interacting with other apps, enhancing both entertainment and productivity in today’s fast-paced world.

Background Play

The platform’s Background Play feature allows audio from videos to play even with the app minimized, providing a flexible audio streaming experience while multitasking.

Pop-Up Player

The Pop-Up Player point enables multitasking by allowing druggies to watch vids in a customizable pop-up window while performing other tasks on their device.


This platform is ad-free viewing, which removes disruptive announcements for a smoother content experience. By eliminating mid-video ads, users can enjoy uninterrupted streaming, which is particularly beneficial for heavy video content consumers.

Change Playback Speed

The platform offers malleable playback speed, empowering druggies to consume content at their preferred pace for a substantiated viewing experience.

Surpass Resolution Limits

Allows users to bypass video resolution limits and view content in the highest available quality, irrespective of their device’s constraints. This feature enhances the visual experience, enabling users to customize their viewing preferences.

How to Install MicroG?

MicroG is a free and open-source perpetration of Google Play Services for Android bias. Then’s a simplified installation process for MicroG.

Step 1. * Enable’ Unknown Sources’ on Your Device * Before you start, you must allow your device to install operations from unknown sources. To do this, navigate to your device’s security settings. The exact pathway can vary depending on your device, but it generally can be set up under” Settings”>” Security” or” Settings”>” Operations.” Next, turn on the option that allows installation from unknown sources.

Step 2. * Uninstall Google Play Services * MicroG replaces Google Play Services on your device. Before you install MicroG, you will need to uninstall Google Play Services. Note Uninstalling Google Play Services could have significant counteraccusations for your device. Numerous apps calculate on Google Play Services to serve and removing it could make these apps unstable or unworkable. Do with caution and consider backing up your device first.)

Step 3. * Download MicroG APK * Open your web cybersurfer and navigate to the sanctioned MicroG website or a trusted APK download point. Then, download the MicroG APK train.

Download Revanced and MicroG

App NameReVanced YouTube
Size98 MB
Last UpdateOct 25, 2023

Step 4. * Install MicroG * Navigate to the brochure where you’ve downloaded the MicroG APK. Tap on the APK train to start the installation process. Follow the prompts to complete the installation.

Step 5. * Check MicroG Settings * After installation, open the MicroG settings app on your device. Ensure that all the particulars are checked in the tone- Check’ section. However, you might need to acclimate some settings on your device, If some details need to be checked.

Flashback; always be conservative when downloading APKs from the internet. Make sure to download from trusted sources to avoid potentially harmful software.

How To Install YouTube Revanced APK?

Then is the revised set of instructions to install YouTube Revanced:

  • Enable the’ Unknown Sources’ option in Google Chrome. This allows the cybersurfer to install apps from places other than the Google Play Store.
  • Still, ensure to remove them all, If there are any previous installations of YouTube Vanced on your device. This is to help with any comity issues during the new installation.
  • Also, uninstall any updates related to the YouTube App that might formerly be on your device.
  • Now, open your Google Chrome and navigate to the TROYPOINT Toolbox runner.
  • Once on the TROYPOINT Toolbox runner, detect and download the MicroG operation and do the installation.
  • From the same Toolbox, download and install the YouTube APK.
  • Next, search for’ Revanced Manager’ in the Toolbox, download it, and do to install it.
  • After the installation, launch the Revanced Manager app.
  • In the settings of the Revanced Manager, spark the’ Unknown Sources’ option. After this step, use the reverse button to return to the main interface of the Revanced Manager app.
  • On the bottom of the screen, you will see an option labeled’ Patcher.’ Click on it.
  • You will be urged to choose an APK train. Elect the YouTube APK train that you’ve downloaded before.
  • After opting for the APK, you will be given patch options. Conclude for the recommended bones.
  • Hit the’ Patch’ button and stay for the doctoring process to complete. Once the doctoring is done, click Install’.
  • After the installation is completed, YouTube Revanced is each set and ready for use.


In conclusion, this platform stands out by providing a comprehensive and superior viewing experience that caters to the diverse needs of its users. It introduces a multitude of exclusive features; each designed to optimize and personalize user engagement. The capacity to view content ad-free, coupled with the ability to play videos in the background, adds significant value for users. Advanced features like picture-in-picture and pop-up player modes promote multitasking, while customizable features like adjustable playback speed and aspect ratio empower users to tailor their viewing experiences to their personal preferences. The integration with Google accounts ensures a seamless transition across platforms, and the provision to download videos as well as subtitles facilitates offline viewing.