What exactly is ReVanced?

Think of ReVanced as a supercharged version of certain video-sharing apps, most notably YouTube. It’s essentially carrying forward the torch after the discontinuation of Vanced, enriching apps with unique, open-source patches.

Can I install ReVanced on a non-rooted device?

Yes, you can! ReVanced works beautifully on both rooted and non-rooted devices, offering a flexible user experience no matter your device’s specifications.

How does ReVanced differ from the conventional YouTube app?

ReVanced takes the YouTube experience a notch higher by adding features like ad-blocking and background playback—features you won’t find in the standard YouTube app.

Can I find ReVanced on Google Play Store?

Unfortunately, no. Due to the modifications made to the original YouTube app, ReVanced doesn’t make the cut for Google Play Store’s app policies. You’ll need to fetch it from third-party platforms—but do so with care!

How do I install ReVanced on my device?

Installing ReVanced is straightforward—download the APK from its official site, tweak your device’s security settings to accept “Unknown Sources,” then install the app from your file manager.

Does ReVanced mimic YouTube Premium?

While ReVanced does bring some YouTube Premium perks to the table, like ad-free viewing and background playback, it’s not a mirror image of YouTube Premium. For instance, you won’t find YouTube Originals or an ad-free YouTube Music experience here.

Does ReVanced come with auto-update capabilities?

ReVanced, unfortunately, doesn’t update itself automatically. But worry not, because the ReVanced Manager will ping you with notifications whenever a new update pops up!

How can I make the player layout disappear in ReVanced?

If you want the player layout to auto-hide, all you need to do is head to ReVanced Settings, and then hit the Accessibility option. If any hiccups occur, consider disabling the sound amplifier, switch access, and live caption features in your device’s accessibility settings.

Is ReVanced a sibling of Vanced?

While ReVanced was indeed inspired by the discontinuation of Vanced, it’s not an official relative. Think of ReVanced as an open-source project keen on upholding Vanced’s legacy but marching to the beat of its own drum.

Where does the ReVanced APK file originate from?

The ReVanced APK file is a product of the source code from the original developer’s repository on GitHub. This way, you get a squeaky-clean APK file crafted straight from the source code.

Does ReVanced support YouTube Music?

Absolutely! ReVanced has patches specifically designed for YouTube Music. This means that you can enjoy the app’s special features while listening to your favorite tunes.

Does ReVanced support newer versions of YouTube?

Yes, it does. Thanks to the innovative patcher used in ReVanced, patches can be applied to any version of the YouTube app, old or new. This gives you the flexibility to update your YouTube app without waiting for a new version of ReVanced.

Can I use ReVanced on my Android TV?

At present, ReVanced doesn’t support Android TVs. However, given its popularity and demand, this may change in the future. Stay tuned for updates!

Can I use ReVanced and Vanced on the same device?

Yes, you can use both Vanced and ReVanced on the same device. They’re independent applications and can coexist without any issues.